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Semi-Automatic Horizontal Dual Column Band Saw

Hydraulic dual column design


Gearbox designed to accept high lateral pressure (no thermal distortion)


Inverter blade drive system which allows infinitely variable blade speeds


Adjustable flood coolant system


Motor driven, synchronized wire blade brush


Carbide blade guides and bearings provides additional blade support


Hydraulically actuated cast-iron guide arms


Cast-iron hydraulic front and rear vises


Split vise jaw for reduced burr


Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning device


Dual valve feed pressure and feed rate system for optimal cutting performance


Cosen provides a full range of semi-automatic band saws in a wide variety of cutting capacities. These saws exceed many of the standard requirements that operators look for in a band saw machine. With its rigid construction and superior features, Cosen's SH-1080D fits into that category. This heavy duty band saw offers precision, efficiency in operation, lower cost per cut, and durability in a demanding production environment.


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