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An easy, quick and accurate way to load job information into your saw!

Easy Input and User Friendly

Q-Cut is designed to be user friendly, reduce operator error, and ensure more efficient cutting. From the creation of a work order, to the scanning of the job parameters into your saw, your work flow can become much smoother.

Use Q-Cut


to generate

job orders.

Select and input job parameters.


work order with QR code

Saw operator

easily scans job into machine.

Once the saw operator scans the QR code into the saw's computer, the preset parameters are loaded and can be seen on the job screen of your saw's HMI. No more tedious button pushing for each job. No more mistakes!

  • Easy to use job and work order generation.

  • Receive suggested cutting parameters from the Mechalogix cloud based on the material you are cutting (select models). 

  • Generate QR codes directly from the Q-Cut dashboard.

  • Easily scan and load jobs into the saws computer.

  • Save time

  • Become more efficient

  • Reduce operator input error

Added Value Benefits

*Q-Cut is only compatible with Cosen automatic saws.

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