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Cut Harder Material Faster & Maintain Blade Life


V_Drive gives users the ability to cut harder more dense materials like Titanium, Hastelloy and other nickel based metals at significantly increased rates.

Proven to shown significant improvements in blade life!

V_Drive works with your PLC and software to detect when material becomes more dense, and will adjust machine amperage to make the cut more efficient.


  • Significantly reduced cut time with the V_Drive system.

  • Typically a 25%-50%   improvement.

  • Reduced tooling costs per piece cut.   Approximately 25%+ savings.

  • Machine cuts “low machinability” material   with ease.

  • Quieter cutting via enhanced vibration dampening.

  • Cut data management.

  • Control is simple to use, shows cut rates,   and provides fault finding features on the   machine.

  • Tight tolerances and square cuts.

  • Provides fault finding features on the   machine.

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