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Cosen Saws

Cosen Saws Industry Leading
Customer Support

by: Arjun Patel

May 10th, 2022 11:30 AM EST

Cosen Saws delivers excellent service with a reliable network of technicians throughout North America. 


Cosen Saws is one of the world’s leading band saw manufacturers with an extensive product line and a global sales network. Cosen is not only there for the sale of the saw but also provides exceptional customer service and support with each purchase for long after the sale. Cosen is dedicated to bringing service and support around the clock with a variety of different contact methods.

Cosen is proud to be able to offer service through our dedicated in-house service team and certified contract technicians throughout North America. Cosen understands the importance of machine-up time, which is why they aim to go above and beyond to assist you with any machine questions or service needs you may have. No matter where you are located, knowledgeable and reliable service technicians will be able to service the machine onsite when needed. This includes any diagnoses and repairs to help solve issues and get your machine back up and running. Service is also available through dedicated phone lines and email. Trained professionals available to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot over the phone or through email for simpler issues. The helpline is always available during working hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, and Cosen technicians are eager to make sure you get the proper support needed.

Training is also available from the service technicians for Cosen machines. This ensures that saw operators are prepared and know how to properly run the machine. The training offers useful information and demonstrations that will help operators get to know all the features of the machine and how to operate it, as well as keeping up with preventative maintenance, accessory installation, and any other training that may be specific to the application.


Cosen Saws stands behind their products and for that reason also assure quality customer service and support for as long as you have your machine. We are also happy offer additional training as needed for any Cosen Saws machine. Do not hesitate to contact the service department for any questions or concerns you may have at or give them a call at 704-943-1030. Visit our Service Page for more information.


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