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Cosen Saws

Cosen Saws Expands Their Product Lineup With Four New Models

by: Arjun Patel

December 5th, 2023 12:30 PM EST

Cosen saws has expanded their lineup of saws with four new cutting edge models designed to accommodate a variety of industries.

New Saws PR Cover copy.jpg

As one of the world’s leading band saw manufacturers, Cosen Saws expanded their product lineup with four new saw models. This includes two automatic mitering saws and two circular cold saws, which were not previously offered before. This expansion marks a significant milestone as Cosen continues to innovate and meet the evolving demands of different cutting applications in a variety of industries. The new models include:

C-300MNC – Automatic Horizontal Scissor Style Mitering Band Saw | 9" x 11.5" Capacity

Cosen Saws C-300MNC is an innovative and affordable automatic miter-cutting band saw designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. This cutting-edge addition to the Cosen Saws lineup combines affordability, precision, and user-friendly features to elevate cutting capabilities in diverse industrial settings.

Key Features:

- Strong performance in a small foot print with its 1.6 HP motor and 1” wide blade making it ideal for low to medium production

- Fully automatic and programmable featuring the user-friendly SNC-20 System, allowing operators to effortlessly program cut length and quantity. With the ability to store up to 20 cutting jobs and automatic kerf loss compensation, it streamlines workflow and enhances productivity

- Mitering capabilities up to 60° offer versatility when cutting and provides operators with greater flexibility

- Servo driven material feed provides precise control and accuracy

C-300MNC_Light Gray (1).png

NC-510MG  – Automatic Horizontal Scissor Style Mitering Band Saw | 13" x 20" Capacity

The NC-510MG builds on the already gold standard of the C-510MNC and adds to it with programmable mitering capabilities. This saw is engineered for heavy-duty performance and demanding production environments.

Key Features:

- Automatic operation including material feed and programmable mitering up to 60° for up to 100 jobs and 999” of material

- Full capacity bundle clamps as a standard feature help optimize production workflows and provides efficiency in operation for every cut

- Heavy-Duty design is tailored for manufacturing environments and is designed to meet the specific capabilities of industries requiring high precision and productivity in their cutting operations


SC275 & SC350  – Semi-Automatic Circular Cold Saws | Up to 4.331" Capacity

Cosen Saws proudly presents its new line of circular cold saws. Made with operators in mind, the cold saws allow for semi-automatic operation and are designed with sturdy steel stands for structural strength. Pneumatic vises allow operators to easily clamp material hands free and saws cut a variety of material including tubing, pipe, extrusion and solid bar stock.

Key Features:

- Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Saw head reduces vibration to provide quality cuts with smooth surface finish and prolongs both the life of the saw and blade

- Saw head also features all-metal gears that are ground and hardened for longevity

- Cut up to 45° angles with rotating saw head

- Blade shuts off and the head automatically raises to the top once a cut has been completed, eliminating a manual lift of the saw head back to starting position

Released this year, the saws provide new cutting solutions that enhance efficiency, precision, and overall performance in sawing applications. These saws present the newest innovations form Cosen and look to help supply the market with reliable saws for metal fabrication, manufacturing, welding, and more. Visit to learn more about these saws or any other cutting solutions offered. You can also contact Cosen at 704-943-1030 or by email at

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