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Fully Automatic Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw

Hydraulic tilt-frame head allows miter cutting from 0 degrees to plus/minus 60 degrees


Adjustable head cant from 0 to 5 degrees


Gearbox designed to accept high lateral pressure (no thermal distortion)


Inverter blade drive system which allows infinitely variable blade speeds


5.7” HMI touchscreen


Adjustable flood coolant system


Motor driven, synchronized wire blade brush


Carbide blade guides and bearing provides additional blade support


Rigid cast-iron guide arm


Hydraulic blade tensioning device


Cast-iron hydraulic vise


Save-A-Blade feature


Computer controlled multiple indexing up to 999” max length


54" single stroke indexing (Ball Screw)


Cosen offers a full line of vertical tilt-frame band saws in both semi-automatic and fully automatic styles, and offer machines in a variety of cutting capacities. All of Cosen's tilt-frame saws are built on a heavy duty saw frame and are designed to help reduce vibration during the cut and improve cutting performance. Each saw comes with the capability of cutting angles between 90° (straight cut) and 60° in both directions. All saws in the Tilt-Frame series also come standard with an automatic angle adjust built into the HMI to help make the cutting process simpler. Cosen's Vertical Til-Frame saws are excellent options for any fabrication production shop looking to make a transition into the vertical saw market.


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