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Cosen Saws

Cosen Saws Leading Edge Sawing Solutions on Display at IMTS 2022

by: Arjun Patel

August 10th, 2022 11:30 AM EST

Cosen Saws to showcase a variety of band saws for every application at IMTS 2022.

IMTS PR Cover Image.png

Cosen Saws is a reliable industry leader when it comes to sawing solutions. No matter the application, the Cosen team will work to help you find the ideal cutting solution that is best suited for your industry. Cosen is bringing their band saws to the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2022. IMTS takes place from September 12th – 17th in Chicago, Illinois at McCormick Place. Whether you are looking for a saw that will help to automate your warehouse or one that will be used for various cuts by many different operators, with over 140 configurable options that cut an extensive number of materials at every size, Cosen Saws provides a solution. 

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Cosen Saws will be displaying these saws at Booth 236931:


V-2026NC – Semi-Automatic Tilt-Frame Band Saw
Capacity: 20" x 26"

Cosen's V-2026NC is a vertical tilt-frame saw built with the capability of cutting angles of up to 60°. The V-2026NC comes standard with an automatic angle adjust built into the HMI to help make the cutting process simpler. It is an excellent option for any fabrication production shop looking to transition into the vertical saw market.

G320 – Fully Automatic Horizontal Dual Column Band Saw

Capacity: 12.8" x 15"

Considered the premier saw of Cosen, the G320 is a combination of rigidity, state of the art software, technology, and affordability. The saw utilizes a true stainless steel dual column design and is perfect for cutting in high production settings. Paired with Cosen’s V_Drive technology, the G320 can easily improve operator efficiency and cut results, as well as help reducing cost per cut.


C-Tech C2 – Fully Automatic Enclosed Horizontal Dual Post Band Saw
Capacity: 10.2" x 11.8"

The C2 is a fully enclosed saw that utilizes a heavy-duty dual post design, in which the saw head travels along a linear guide system. This feature provides greater rigidity and stability during cuts. It also gives the saw frame a solid base, ensuring the smoothest feeding, highest precision, and lowest friction guide system available. The C2’s enclosed design also makes it the perfect option for those looking to emphasize safety.

SH-500M – Semi-Automatic Horizontal Scissor Style, Mitering Band Saw

Capacity: 11" x 19.7"

The SH-500M is the most popular semi-automatic machine offered by Cosen. This machine can miter cut up to 60°. Whether cutting single or multiple pieces, this saw is able to meet the diverse needs of any job shop with its relatively small footprint. It has a large capacity and is easy to use making it perfect for a variety of materials and any operator.


MH-1016JA – Manual Horizontal Scissor Style Band Saw
Capacity: 9" x 14.6"

This foundational machine has been manufactured by Cosen for over thirty years. The MH-1016JA is designed for the shop that has multiple users and needs to cut a variety of structural or solid materials. This saw is a no frills option that ensures reliability, accuracy, and a high level of performance. 

VCS600 – Vertical Contour Band Saw

Capacity Height: 12"
Capacity Throat: 23.5"

Cosen’s VCS saw is designed with all your tool room and production needs in mind. The robust table, 3 HP motor, and blade are all in one compact footprint. Tool, die, and plate work can now be within reach inside your facility.


C-510MNC – Automatic Horizontal Scissor Style, Mitering Band Saw

Capacity: 13" x 20"

The C-510MNC is a high production, fully programmable, automatic miter cutting band saw. It is a heavy duty machine that fits the needs of any manufacturing environment with its diverse capabilities and user friendly controls. Make cuts of up to 60° and program up to 100 different jobs with the C-510MNC. 


All of these saws will be on display and Coen experts will be there to present live demonstration on any machine. They will also be available to answer any question you may have and help you find the best sawing solution for your application. If you would like to get in touch with us before the show you can email us at or call us at +1-704-943-1030. Our entire selection of saws is also available on our website.

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