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Cosen Saws Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw Lineup: Cutting Solutions for Every Application

by: Arjun Patel

May 31st, 2023 2:15 PM EST

Cosen Saws Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saws have been delivering exceptional results to manufacturers for decades.

Vertical Saws PR Cover Image.png

Cosen Saws, a global leader in industrial cutting solutions, is pleased to present its lineup of vertical saws, which have been serving customers with exceptional cutting solutions for years. The three vertical band saw models - Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Fully Automatic - continue to provide unmatched precision, efficiency, and convenience for fabricators. These well-established saws have proven to be advantageous for industrial professionals, accommodating a wide range of cutting requirements, from small-scale operations to large-scale manufacturing facilities.


Entry-Level: V-1822 Manual Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw | 18" x 22" Capacity

Cosen Saws V-1822 is a multifunctional vertical saw for double miter cutting. The saw bow can be manually rotated and locked in any angle up to 60 degrees in both directions. The saw bow has an adjustable cant up to 5 degrees to provide the best cut against different material shapes. Ideal for workshops and small-scale operations, this saw is easy to use and allows operators to control the entire cutting process manually. With its heavy-duty construction and compact footprint, the Cosen V-1822 delivers precise and consistent cuts, providing customers with a cost effective and dependable cutting solution.

Key Features:

- User-friendly interface for manual operation

- Heavy-duty construction for durability, reliability, and precision

- Rigid, compact footprint

- Precise and consistent cuts

- Quick Clamp and release movable and fixed vises

- Washdown Hose

Intermediate-Level: V-2026NC & V-2230NC Semi-Automatic Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saws | 20" x 26" & 22" x 30" Capacity

Cosen Saws V-2026NC & V-2230NC represent a significant step up in terms of efficiency and productivity. These versatile band saws replace manual operation with easy-to-use semi-automatic features, making it an excellent choice for medium-scale industrial applications. Operators can easily load the material, set the cutting parameters, and let the saw perform the cutting process. Cosen’s V-2026NC & V2230NC Semi-Automatic Vertical Saws offer precision, efficiency in operation, lower cost per cut, and durability in any demanding production environment.

Key Features:

- Semi-automatic operation for improved efficiency

- Easy material clamping and angle setting

- Inverter blade drive system allows for infinitely variable blade speeds

- Precision feed pressure and feed rate dual valve system

Advanced Level: AV-2026NC Fully Automatic Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw | 20" x 26" Capacity

The pinnacle of cutting performance, the Cosen AV-2026NC represents the best-in-class solution for large-scale industrial operations. Designed to handle high-volume cutting with extreme precision, this fully automated saw integrates advanced features, including material feeding, cutting angle adjustment, and length positioning. The Cosen Fully Automatic Vertical Saw delivers exceptional performance, maximizing productivity while minimizing operator intervention. 

Key Features:

- Fully automated operation for seamless cutting process

- Features for material feeding, angle adjustment, and length positioning

- Inverter blade drive system allows for infinitely variable blade speeds

- Computer controlled multiple indexing up to 999” max length

Cosen saws is committed to providing innovative sawing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the manufacturing world. With Cosen Saws lineup of Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saws, customers have a range of machines to select from helping them achieve exceptional results every time. Whether you’re looking for vertical, horizontal, or contour band saws, Cosen has you covered. To learn more or to if you would like to speak with an expert, visit our website at or call 704-943-1030.

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