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Cosen provides a range of semi-automatic circular cold saws in different cutting capacities. These saws exceed many of the standard requirements that operators look for in a cold saw. With its rigid construction and superior features, the SC-275 fits into that category. This heavy duty saw offers precision, efficiency in operation, and durability in a demanding production environment.



Cuts a variety of material including tubing, pipe, extrusion and solid bar stock. Comesequipped with a stop bar that allows you to cut repeatable lengths

Features a direct drive blade motor set up. Operator can cut at two blade speeds, 60 or120 RPM, depending on the application

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Saw head reduces vibration to provide quality cuts with smoothsurface finish. Saw head also features all-metal gears that are ground and hardened forlongevity

Equipped with a self centering vise that keeps the material in the right position for theblade to make cuts

Pneumatic Vise allows operator to clamp material hands free

Blade shuts off and the head automatically raises to the top once a cut has been completed, eliminating a manual lift of the saw head back to starting position

This saw can be operated in manual mode or semi automatic mode via a foot pedal 

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