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Cosen Saws

Yu-Hsien Ho Promoted to Director of Channel Sales & Marketing

by: Arjun Patel

January 27th, 2022 10:30 AM EST


Yu-Hsien Ho has been with Cosen Saws for 14 years as of this February. He started in 2008 as an inside sales and marketing assistant and has held a number of positions in sales, marketing, and operations throughout the years. His previous role was Inside Sales & Marketing Manager which he held for over 5 years and 8 months. His move to Director of Channel Sales and Marketing is his most recent role where he looks to focus on growing sales in targeted channels as well as a focus on business development in Welding Supply & Cutting Tools/MRO Distribution.

The work he has done over the past few years has aligned Cosen to grow in the channels where there was room for growth, while maintaining relationships with sales channels. He has also worked on projects that have made a many processes in sales and marketing self-sufficient and make better use of the technology and resources that are pertinent to today’s growing digital world. He says “that goes hand in hand with moving towards and digitization of sales and marketing practice. Both sales and marketing operations are changing at a rapid pace, and there will be an even more drastic shift in the next 5 years. I want to be sure we stay ahead of it and have sales process and marketing information be transparent and readily accessible for the Cosen team.”

Over the past few years, Yu-Hsien and Kent, Cosen’s VP of Sales & Marketing, have made lot of progress targeting different distribution channels and growing Cosen’s brand. Now they look to focus in on more specific channels of distribution for outside sales and look to increase the company’s brand recognition as a leader in the sawing industry. 2022 will be great year for Cosen and this is just the start.

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